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I purchased a pair of light weight Rockport hiking boots approximately 8 years ago. These shoes have only been worn about 10 times and were still in excellent condition.

Still look absolutely new. Yesterday I was going to wear them to the ALvs Miss St game and the soles fell apart. They totally crumbled.

I have never had a pair of shoes do this before. I called Rockport customer service and all they could do is give me a number to call and have them resolved myself.

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Hahahahaha!!!! 8 Yrs and he still complains....

Some people are just not satisfied with anything in life....

to pramodsm1 #908214

This is not a case of not being satisfied, this is a case of OP being a frickin ***.

Miami, Florida, United States #901333

Nooooo, not mad. Pissed. Like the sight says, ***.

to jdw #901916

You're pissed your shoes put away for EIGHT years weren't like brand spanking new?! BWAHAHAHA.

You are out of your pissed mind.

Go put tires away for eight years, put them on your car, let me know how that goes.

Oh wait, I'll probably see another one of your asinine complaints on this site again.



Sh*t tends to fall apart after EIGHT YEARS, genius. You don't make any mention of where it was kept?

Hot temperature will cook that rubber for EIGHT years, it will crumble. Cold weather will also mess it up. Hot then cold?

Yeah, nothing will hold up for eight years. I swear this site has some of the dumbest people.

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #901322

The shoes were kept in a temperature controlled closet with everything thing else. The Rockport are the only product that has failed to date.

The only dumb people are people who chime in without anything real to say genus.

Do you work for Rockport? I swear, I bet you do.

to Anonymous #901324

Look, somebody's mad they got called out on their bullsh*t.

to Anonymous #901330

I don't work for Rockport, I don't even own a pair of those ugly *** shoes. Tell me more then, do they have some kind of lifetime guarantee?

I would love to own a pair of shoes, store them for EIGHT years then b*tch about it when they don't hold up. What kind of guarantee do they come with?

to Anonymous #1008919

guys those shoes are not cheap and if need be there should be storage instructions but i have shoes that are ten years old and still in great condition. has no one else have old shoes they only ware rarely? now if they fell apart i wouldnt panic but i dont think thats a normal thing for a boot look on ebay people have vintage boots in great shape

to Anonymous Southlake, Texas, United States #901835

... dude, rubber does this, tires crack, erasers no longer erase so on and so on.

You say temp controlled, but are you certain you never walked through any industrial chemicals, or a household cleaner got onto the product or you used an incompatible cleaner or treatment? Polymers have changed in recent years. ***, I was the result of failed rubber ;] You got some long term use out of those, obviously. Be happy, go purchase a new pair and if you feel slighted go with a different brand.

PS: I am loyal wolverine brand, my work boots need to be replaced at ~6month interval, is it because they lack quality?

No, it's because I beat the *** out of them I do in 6months what most people would take several years to do.

to Anonymous Oceanside, California, United States #1213902

I disagree, I've had viagra last longer then 8 years... The wife was very impressed.

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