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Rockport shoes were originally made in Rochester NH. I was introduced to Rockport Shoes back in the mid 1980's. I had trouble with department store shoes that would split out on the sides, crack under the ball of the foot area and simply fall apart. I went to the local shoe store and the owner said he had just the solution to my problem. He put me in a pair of Rockport shoes, made right in Rockport MA. He told me that I would get sick of the shoes before I could wear them out and I would certainly not have the troubles with the sides or souls.

I wore those shoes for 4 or 5 years and actually did start to wear the soles out. The shoe store owner told me to drop the shoes off to him and he would "re-sole" the shoes. I got 3 or 4 more years out of them before the upper heal support started to break down.

Ever since I have always bought Rockport shoes. Had always loved the comfort from the first moment they were put on and the durability. I would typically get 3 to 4 years from a pair before having to replace them. I would find a "model" that I liked and would purchase them again and again until they were suddenly "discontinued". The "so called" exact replacements most certainly did not hold up like the previous shoes did.

Something changed several years ago and now the quality has gone down the toilet. The shoes are now made in china and india.

Rockport will have "Crazy fantastic" sale prices on their shoes... BOGO... 50% off... 40% off...

I bought 2 pair of their "BOGO" sale. After wearing them for a few days I noticed a strange noise coming from the right shoe. When I got home and went to take the shoe off I discovered the sole of the shoe was coming off. I did contact the company and they did have me return the shoes.

A year before this incident I bought a pair of shoes and found that they made a loud "squeaking" sound as you walked. Very loud, very embarrassing. A person that knows shoes told me they were defective. Rockport took them back and exchanged them for a new pair.

In reading the history of Rockport I found out that they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed their 60 "Brick & Mortar" stores.

Sad... I guess we say "Goodbye" to another "former" quality manufacturer. I know that I certainly won't be buying any more Rockport shoes. The ones I purchased in July are already starting to break down... Rockport is NOT the shoe company they once were... So sad...

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Another good product gone.

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